Schools in La Vega

Centro Educativo de Formación Integral Cristiana
Christian educational center based in Jarabacoa which offers education at initial and elementary levels.
Colegio Inmaculada Concepción
Institution which aims to promote a comprehensive education leading their students to fit into society and the Church, awakening in them an interest in their own training and the development of their creativity.
Doulos Discovery School
Private Christian school that offers quality education aimed at developing leadership and critical thinking skills. Impacting the Dominican Republic for Christ by providing the necessary infrastructure guaranteeing students access to continued post high school education, equipping them for future roles in the country’s leadership, whether it be private sector, ministry or government service.
Jarabacoa Christian School (JCS)
A Christian school that began by the people of Jarabacoa for the people of Jarabacoa. JCS is a school for everyone who desires a higher level of education. JCS is an English school that also teaches Spanish and other materials from the Dominican Education Program.
La Vega Christian School
Bilingual Christian school which offers instruction from kindergarten up to the 4th standard level.